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About Us
SPLT started with a simple idea: if you could stream to multiple sites simultaneously, you would instantly increase your profits.
While the concept was simple enough, we soon realized the solution itself was ambitious. After interviewing performers and evaluating the existing options for cam splitting, we began to recognize there was something lacking in the adult camming industry as a whole. There was no dedicated, user-friendly, multi-stream interface that had all the basic features an adult model used every time they stream.

It was clear that in order to make something truly valuable, we couldn’t just create or adapt basic software to allow someone to stream to multiple sites. We needed to think about the bigger picture in order to solve the core issues that made cam-splitting generally problematic and inconvenient. So we did. We built something completely new from the ground up.
Something that has been important to us from the beginning is that we are working to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship between SPLT, performers, and cam companies. While our primary objective has always been to support the performer, we see many ways in which SPLT can add value for cam sites as well. We are the new kid on the block and, while we hope to transform the industry in terms of creating broader access for performers, our goal is not to take business away from anyone. We want to effect positive change on every level.
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